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Welcome to the staff page! The players listed have been selected to be staff members based on some strict guidelines: (1) The player must have joined the server for at least 6 months. (2) The player has some experience with Minecraft servers. (3) The player can be trusted. (4) The player is generally a friendly person.
We are always in need in new staff as our server grows but you MUST meet these guidelines or else you will not be considered at all.

Staff Symbols:
Administrator/Owner: <a> Moderator: <m> Pre-Moderator: <prem>

1 - <a> SalC1 (Server Owner)
2 - <a> Math01_48
3 - <m> peacelovecalla
4 - <prem> BreakingOut
5 - <prem> UNION1865

SalC1 Math01_48 peacelovecalla BreakingOut UNION1865

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