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Offical Server Rules

Welcome to the server rules! We have made this page as easy to read and understand as possible. Please make sure to read though the rules thoroughly especially if you are new to the server.

Basic Rules:

No Griefing: Griefing counts as: Breaking blocks that somebody has placed, removing crops and not replanting them, ect. There are some exceptions to this though: You can break blocks to get into a building, but you must replace them. You are allow to grief in Town borders (See Towny Rules). You are allowed to steal items from chests and item frames. You are also allowed to break chests for easier stealing. Killing any mob does not count as griefing.

Don't use any tools to give you an unfair advantage: This counts as modified clients (Ex: Nodus), hacking tools, ect. We do allow some mods to be used but you will need to ask an Admin before you use them.

No excessive killing/stealing: This has recently been a huge problem on the server so this new rule is in place because of that. A server admin will determine what is excessive and what is not.

English only in chat: We only allow English to be used in the public chat, but you are allowed to private message in other languages. (/msg [name] [message])

Don't ask to be a staff member of the server: Asking to be staff will lower your chances of being a staff member of the server by 100%. Also, the Planet Minecraft joke won't work. (Exception: If you have been on the server for over 6 months, have great plugin/server experience, and are a generally friendly person, then we will consider you for moderator. Don't expect being on the server for 6 months would get you a staff position.)

No chat messages that threaten players/staff to hack, ddos, grief, ect: Doing this will most likely result in a longer tempban or a permanent ban.

Don't use messages that are offensive, racist, or that use inappropriate language to other people: We do allow all swear words to be used, just not toward other people. If it's a joke, we understand and won't take any action.

Don't advertise any other Minecraft server: Doing this will be treated like spam. If you have a friend who wants you to go on this other server with him that's fine, we are not responsible for any hacking attempt made by another player asking to join a server. We would also prefer you to not spam advertise our server on other servers.

Don't ask staff for items, health, food, ect: The point of this server is to play Minecraft legitimately and not cheat in any items or health. All Moderators and Admins follow this rule themselves to keep things fair.

Don't abuse the Chest Shops: This includes creating a chest shop for use as item protection and not as a legitimate shop. Server Admins will determine themselves if it is or not legit. We recommend you report anybody who is doing this to an Admin asap (See the bottom of the page).

Towny Rules:

No outpost/town claiming near other towns/outposts: You must claim at least 5 chunks apart from towns/outposts unless being granted permission from the other town.

Griefing is allowed in town borders: All forms of destruction are allowed inside borders claimed by Towny. Forms include: block breaking, TNT, lava, fire, ect. Anything outside town borders will result in punishment for griefing. This rule is in place to encourage only letting people in your town that you trust.


Banning players is done by the intensity of the rule that was broken. For example: If somebody breaks a few blocks of somebody's house, they will get warned or tempbanned for a day or two. If somebody destroys an entire base, pours lava all over it, and explodes it, they might be banned for 3 months to a lifetime ban. This system goes for all the rules.

Help us out and get some rewards!:

Be loyal to the server and find exploits, bugs, or even somebody breaking the rules! If you help up out a lot (in a useful way), you will get rewards like barrier blocks, players heads, bedrock, money, water/lava blocks, mob spawners, music disks, and spawn eggs. All these are based on how important the task was and if it was completed properly.

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