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Minecraft 1.9 Stuff (Oldscraft 3 Update 10)
- By SalC1 on March 5, 2016 - Comments

After a year of waiting, Minecraft 1.9 has finally been released and today it's time to for our server to run 1.9 as well.

Before I go any further, I wanted to apologize for being so inactive these last few months mainly due to having to do more important things in my life. There is not a good chance of me being active anytime soon either as I have a lot of my life planned out with Oldscraft mainly out of the story. This does not mean the end of Oldscraft anytime soon though. I have made a promise to many of the players still on the server that I will keep it up until I go to college. Maybe I will find a way to keep it up during college; that's still yet to be determined.

Website updates! A staff page has been added. View it here: Staff Page.

Now for the server updates. Due to the 1.9 update, some plugins have stopping working or spamming the console with errors. Commandbook was a huge issue due to the developer stopping development on this plugin. Thankfully I found a DEV build of CommandBook that barely works with 1.9. That's just one of the many issues I had with plugins. If you find any errors or bugs, please report them to the forums.

Unfortuantely, I have misplaced my sheet with all the updates I have made to the server since June. Below is everything I remember from it:

+ Upgraded the server from in Intel 12GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM. 8GB is still allocated.
+ Upgraded the server from in Intel i3 to an Intel i7
+ Upgraded the server to an SSD

Fixed Bug:
        * Fixed mayors not being able to leave nations

Beheaded! (Oldscraft 3 Update 9)
- By SalC1 on June 28, 2015 - Comments

Today we have a smaller update for you all. One of them which is long awaited is the player head plugin. You spawn with your own head on your first join to the server. (Don't worry existing players, you will get your own too.) The idea is that players are to protect their own head and make sure not to loose it or get it stolen because you only spawn with it once.

The world border has also been expanded a bit due to not being able to find a mesa biome. That feature was implemented a while ago, but was still after the last update we had. I hope you all have fun with these new features!

+ World border set from 5,500 to 7,500
+ You now spawn with your own head on first join. Make sure to keep it safe!
+ Enabled bookshelves to be useds as doors in CraftBook
+ Added the server seed to the Info page

Let's Put Our Axes to Use (Oldscraft 3 Update 8)
- By SalC1 on April 22, 2015 - Comments

Good afternoon everybody, today we have another update for you all. After the countless number of requests, I finally implemented the Viking class into the Mob Arena. All players can now level up their axes much easier! All of the other updates I made to the server are listed below as always.

Let's now talk about some adminy servery stuff. If you have been experiencing many lag spikes, it might not be your fault. After many hours of investigation, it turns out CoreProtect has been causing a large chunk of lag to the server. This is probably due to logging every single block placed, broken, burned, ect. In the next Oldscraft update, we will be switching to Prism if CoreProtect is not updated by then. One more thing I should not forget to say is that you can now see the specs of the server here: Server Specs

+ Added a Viking class to the Mob Arena. This was a HUGE request.
+ Added the ability to auction damaged items
+ Enabled Hidden Switches in CraftBook
+ Lowered combat tag time from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
+ Balanced MobCash rewards:
        * Zombie Pigman lowered from $5 to $0.50
        * Blaze lowered from $8 to $5
        * Magma Cube lowered from $1 to $0.50
        * Slime lowered from $1 to $0.50
        * Witch lowered from $6 to $5
        * Disabled slime split rewards

Fixed Bug:
        * NoCheat should no longer trap players inside blocks
Known Bug:
        * Chairs do not work. This is due to compatibility issues with CraftBook.

Forums Finally Added (Oldscraft 3 Update 7)
- By SalC1 on April 8, 2015 - Comments

Hey everybody! I was recently on vacation for a few days and had a great time. The problem was that a day before I came home, the server started glitching out not allowing players to join. Luckily it was fixed in less than 24 hours. After this situation I had, the Oldscraft team has decided to start working on a remote system to operate the server from any location. When we get to it, we will start work on this new system.

After a one day of delay for Update 7 due to difficulties with CraftBook, we finally got Update 7 rolled out. I would call this another major update due to the implementation of Forums! We did have forums during Oldscraft 1 but were too complicated and hard Administrate. We have installed an easier forum software for Oldscraft 3 that you can go sign up for right now! Just click the "Register" link at the top of this page to get started. Now let's get to the changelog:

+ Added /poke
+ Added /suicide
+ Added Forums to the Oldscraft website
+ Towny Co-Mayor now does everything a mayor can do except for deleting towns.
+ Added CraftBook with the following mechanics enabled: Head over to the CraftBook Wiki to see what these mechanics do.
        * Ammeter
        * Bridges
        * Chairs
        * Doors
        * Elevators
        * Gates
        * Painting Switcher
        * Readable Bookshelves
- Removed hearts in front of player's names when married due to not being able to see other prefixes easily
- Set view distance from 16 back to 10 due to extreme server lag

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold, an Oldscraft Update! (Newscraft 3 Update 6)
- By SalC1 on April 1, 2015 - Comments

Happy April Fools day! We don't have much in store for that topic but we do have a MAJOR update to Oldscraft! By popular demand we have added some shops to spawn that are listed below. These shops will most likely be the LAST shops added to spawn excluding bulk shops because of the ability of players to create shops of their own at spawn. One day we might have to add more shops if it's absolutely needed. Auctions have been asked for countless times as well so we added that too! Many more things have been added along the lines of that so here they are:

+ Added Auctions
+ Added more shops:
        * 16 Gravel for Buys for 17$ and sells for 6$
        * SELL ONLY - 16 Granite for 6$
        * SELL ONLY - 16 Diorite for 6$
        * SELL ONLY - 16 Andesite for 6$
        * BULK SHOP - 64 Stone Buys for 48$ and sells for 24$
+ Added /ignore
+ Server view distance set to 16: This could be a temporary update if the server lags too much.
+ Ad board now added to spawn. Create ads by playing a sign on the board. One sign per person, no breaking of other player's signs.
+ Legacy Server (Oldscraft 1) link now fixed and is available on the Server Info page
+ Players can now create colored signs by using color codes: Ex: &2Hello World will show: Hello World
+ More plots have been added. Head to the Plot Status page for more information.

Will You Marry Me? (Oldscraft 3 Update 5)
- By SalC1 on March 26, 2015 - Comments

Hey everybody! Today were going to get into some long awaited updates and bug fixes. This will also mark the day of our very last plugin (mcMMO) that did not support UUIDs which has now been updated. Now you should be completely safe when changing your name on the server! Over time after we started Oldscraft 3, I have noticed that some people want more than just being friends, they want to get married! I think a marriage plugin should do the trick! Let's get to the updates:

+ Updated mcMMO to be compatible with UUIDS
+ Added Marriage
+ Added Co-Mayor rank to towns. This will give players with the rank to use almost all commands that towny mayors have.
+ Bans and are now announced to the server
+ Added bulk shops for dirt, cobblestone, and sand. Located next to the wood shop
+ Added a "super secret" bulk shop
+ New Rule: No excessive killing/stealing

Bug Fixes:
        * Doors are no longer glitchy
        * Slime blocks and pistons should now project the player without glitching

Thanks to All the Participants! (Oldscraft 3 Update 4)
- By SalC1 on March 19, 2015 - Comments

Ender Dragon

Here we go again today for another update to Oldscraft! First off we would like to thank everybody who participated in the ender dragon fight. Along with some of the lag due to over 15 players in the same spot, we all still had a great time. Some more server upgrades coming in the near future should fix that issue. All players (except for one player I don't want to mention) have recieved $5,000 for participating. With all that said here is a list of all the participating player's names:

BubbleGumMan, carz9, Jazzy214, kuthurus, lbeast1021, leichenstien, Math01_48, Orenten, payupman, quintintheawsome, Slurpeeking_711, Super_Starz, SuperMario1202, and ZomBumpkin.

Let's also not forget the updates to the server. This time these features are to mostly balance some some things out here and there but also to add a few heavily requested features:

+ Added bulk shops
+ ChestShop interaction per second increased
+ Towny now asks if you want to join a town instead of automaticly forcing you to join
+ Changed creepers:
        * Killing them now only gives 1$ instead of 3$
        * No longer blasts a hole and then regens due to item duplication and permanent chest destruction
+ Increased mcMMO tree feller threshold from 500 to 2000
+ Changes to new players joining:
        * Welcome text is more flashy to encourage welcoming
        * Players now receive 32 bread upon joining

Bug Fixes:
        * Players were not allowed to buy plots from the town owner
        * Server MOTD said 1.8 when the server was actully on 1.8.3

Ender Dragon Fight and "Features Friday" (Oldscraft 3 Update 3)
- By SalC1 on March 13, 2015 - Comments

Let's get started today by getting you all aware of when we are doing the Ender Dragon fight. It starts on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 8:00PM EDT. We meet at the portal at 7:30PM EDT. All participating players will receive $5,000! To go along with this fight we have released some new features that have mostly been requested by the community. As a reminder, please report all bugs and exploits to an Admin to receive prizes!

+ Updated Craftbukkit to 1.8.3
+ Updated No Cheat Plus to work work better with 1.8 features
+ Added an XP shop next to the spawn enchanting table
+ Added a "super secret" shop
+ Lowered the shop creation price from 100$ to 50$
- Removed getting a diamond on Wave 12 of the Mob Arena

Bug Fixes:
        * Players automaticly disconnected after 60 minutes of inactivity
        * Town members did not have permissions to buy plots

Your Requests Have Been Granted (Oldscraft 3 Update 2)
- By SalC1 on March 9, 2015 - Comments

Opening Day

So you all requested this stuff and we made it happen! Here is out list of changes for the day.

+ Added a Teamspeak server. Join at
+ Added an icon to the server
+ Added a mail plugin. Type /mail to get started
+ Added more shops:
        * 16 Stone for 12$
        * 16 Sand for 18$
        * 16 Dirt for 10$
        * 16 Cobblestone for 11$
        * 16 Arrows 16$
        * 1 Bow for 5$

Oldscraft Post-Release Update (Oldscraft 3 Update 1)
- By SalC1 on March 6, 2015 - Comments

We promised not to sit on our buts all day so here is our first update for this release of Oldcraft!

+ Added a PVP timer
* Mob Arena balanced out a bit: Diamond swords and less gold ingots are given, archer now has more arrows.

Bug Fixes:
        * Wave 12 in the mob arena is a swarm wave but does not work
        * /spawn kills you in the nether

Oldscraft 3 is Now Open!
- By SalC1 on March 3, 2015 - Comments

First off I would like to say thank you for anybody who contributed to the Oldscraft 3 project! The server has been in development for over a month now! That's longer than any other server set up time we ever had and then you would know it's gonna be good! I have created a check list of improvements we made to the Oldscraft from last time. Here they are:

+ Brand New Map (Will stay with us for many years to come!)
+ Completely Revamped Spawn:
        * Better variety of shops with less inflated prices
        * Bigger area with more buildings and areas to explore
        * Plots are now available for purchase See the Plot Status page.
        * Player owned shops are now available for purchase
        * Free cake :p
+ Bigger and better mob arena
+ Server rules more fair and understandable
+ Voting now gives $100
+ More efficient Anti-Cheat system with less bugs. Except for that thingy at spawn...
+ More ways to make money. #Wither

Many more improvements to the server will be made after the opening and all suggestions are welcome. Don't think that we were sitting on our butts not doing anything! **Cough cough** But seriously, have fun and enjoy the server!

Server Re-Reopening
- By SalC1 on January 21, 2015 - Comments

First, the team would like to apologize for not giving ANY notice of the closing of Oldscraft 2. We don't even know the exact date we closed it down! We promise that this will NEVER happen again.

Second, Oldscraft 3 is currently in development for it's opening in a while. We can't give an exact date it will open at the moment, but we can give you some ideas of what we have to bring. For this version of Oldscraft, we will be running CraftBukkit 1.8! Most of our plugins have finally been updated to support it, making the opening come in a shorter period of time! We are still determining the seed for this map but we have been thinking about using all of your favorite, Strawberry! That was the seed name for Oldscraft Original and yes, that's a capital S.

Lastly, we are now going to make it OUR DUTY to keep this server up and use the SAME WORLD no matter how many players come on, how many times it gets Griefed (and get it rolled back of course), and how long we have to wait for plugin and Bukkit updates. If the power goes out, I will be running on foot to connect up the generator as fast as I can! That server computer will be on and will stay on for as long as I can possibly can keep it on! I want Oldscraft to STAY ALIVE!

Power Outages
- By SalC1 on August 29, 2014 - Comments

If you all wondering why the server was down for the last 2 days, we were having a power outage. The reason it was so long is because this outage was in such a small area and that means it's the power company's least priority. I have made many attempts to keep the server running during the outage, (hooking up generators, batteries, ect.) but I have failed miserably. I'm very sorry if anybody wanted to play on the server during this downtime but there was nothing I could do.

Before any of this happened, we had smaller power outages that were less then 12 hours that were luckily in the middle of the night. Another thing that causes the server's downtime the most is somebody accidentally unplugging the server computer. I wish I can show some pictures of how many signs I put up that say "DO NOT UNPLUG!!! SERVER COMPUTER". Oh well, things happen.

Bug Fixing and Updates
- By SalC1 on August 22, 2014 - Comments

Bugs have recently been a HUGE problem on the server. Since the server has started I have fixed tons and tons of bugs. I have also added some more security features to the server like DDOS protection and more in-server anti cheat features. During the time period from the last time I posed a news topic, there has been accidental inventory resets and roll-backs to some players. I want to say again that we are in open development testing, so there WILL BE BUGS!!! Thanks for understanding and I will try my best to keep you all posted about updates during ODT.

Oldscraft 2 is Now Open!
- By SalC1 on August 13, 2014

Opening Day

So you probably saw the big text on the website saying that the server is open again. That most likely meant that I decided to start up Oldscraft again. Money was our biggest problem and that is why we were FORCED to shut down in the first place. I have recently found a nice running pc to finally run Oldscraft on so I don't have to pay a host to run it remotely. I decided to reset the world and all player data and restart some plugins and features from scratch. I also transferred things that don't really need to be done by scratch again like transferring bans, bPermissions, ect.

When the server first opened again, there were so many (you guessed it) BUGSSSS!!! I have already fixed 2 major bugs since the opening: Not being able to use the shops and open doors. Please be aware that the server is is OPEN DEVELOPMENT TESTING. That means that while the server is in development, there will be many MANY bugs and you must report them to any admin or moderator. Sometimes you might even loose some of your progress on something due to emergency rollbacks or plug-in changes.

That's about everything I have to say about that! The legacy Server News can be seen on the Server Info page. For any questions about the server and it's reopening, PLEASE post it in the forums. Thanks!

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