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Thank You
- By SalC1 on November 17, 2016 - Comments

I honestly haven't been back on this website in about four months. It brings back many memories. Even all the way back to December 25, 2013 when I first started the server and early 2014 when I first created the Oldscraft website. When I returned to this site, I immedietly checked the fourms and was suprised to find new conversations from the Oldscraft community. Some talk about how they miss Oldscraft and others talk about other servers similar to Oldscraft. I never really thought about how much Oldscraft really meant to the community.

Oldscraft was started due to an earlier server - Praxis - being shut down permanently. Praxis is where I started my first full time server back in 2011. When it closed in 2013, I knew I had to continue it's legacy by making a bigger and better server with Praxis-like qualties. Oldscraft was born.

With drama like wars, money, griefing; an amazing community, and fantastic staff, Oldscraft always had tons of character and made it different from other servers. Yes I do miss Oldscraft, but I simpily don't have the time to keep it running, update it, and administrate it. Thank you all for the great run.

Oldscraft World Download Links:
Oldscraft 1 - 1.44gb
Oldscraft 2 - 324mb
Oldscraft 3 - 2.16gb

Old Oldscraft News:
Oldscraft 1
Oldscraft 2-3

If you have any questions about anything server related, feel free to skype me. Username: salcracchiolo1

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